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Andrea’s Angels Inc. Respite Care

We are proud to accept Colorado Medicaid and Private Pay for our Respite Care services.

When you are the primary caregiver for an elderly, blind, or disabled loved one, you need to prioritize your own well-being, too. That’s where Respite Care can step in to help. Medicaid will cover 30 days of respite care per calendar year, at 6 hours per shift. That’s time back for you to attend to your own needs and prioritize your wellbeing.

Who can benefit from Respite Care?

Respite Care is temporary care given to relieve a primary caregiver of their duties. Burnout and fatigue are common occurrences among caregivers, and we know from firsthand experience that caregiving is hard work. For the sake of both the carer and the client, it’s important to take a break sometimes and take time for oneself.

Respite care can fill in the gaps when a primary caregiver:

What are the benefits of receiving Respite Care?

The benefits of Respite Care include:

Andrea’s Angels Inc. provides respite care under the Elderly, Blind and Disabled (EBD) waiver program to its Colorado Medicaid clients. We also offer respite care on a flexible basis. We will work with your family to develop a schedule that works best for everyone involved.

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